Gratitude Journal Prompts

There’s no one way to keep a gratitude journal. It doesn’t necessarily require a specific structure. Are you grateful for things? Are you reflecting and writing them down? Awesome! You have a gratitude journal!


Sometimes trying to fill up a blank space can be daunting though, so here are some prompts to get you going!


  1. What did you enjoy most about today?
  2. What’s something you take for granted?
  3. Who has made a positive difference in your life?
  4. What are your favorite things about the work you do?
  5. What’s something that makes your life easier?
  6. What’s your favorite quote?
  7. What inspires you?
  8. What cheers you up when you’re having a bad day?
  9. What do you do to relax?
  10. What is something that went well today?
  11. What’s your favorite thing about the current season?
  12. What’s something you like about the weather today?
  13. What’s something you like about your home?
  14. Who is someone in your life you’re grateful for?
  15. What’s something you enjoy about your daily routine?
  16. What’s something you’re looking forward to?
  17. What’s a small thing you accomplished today that you can celebrate?
  18. What’s something kind you did for someone else?
  19. What’s something kind someone did for you?
  20. What is a memory that makes you happy?
  21. What organization are you grateful for?
  22. What books bring you joy?
  23. Who is a mentor you appreciate having had?
  24. What’s a personality trait you have that you appreciate?
  25. What’s a skill you’ve developed that you’re grateful for?
  26. What opportunities have made your life better?
  27. What’s your favorite outfit? How does it make you feel?
  28. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
  29. What are you most looking forward to?
  30. Who are three people you can say thank you to today?

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Gratitude Journal Prompts

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